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No negative energy allowed in this room 

100% natural wax scented with Honeyed Fig and Vetiver


Evil Eye Figgy Candle

  • The evil eye is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world. Dating back as early as the Paleolithic era, many cultures believe that receiving 'evil eyes' from another person can cause misfortune, bad luck or injury. Therefore Mal de ojo jewels and talismans were created to prevent and protect against these evil eyes.

    Burn your evil eye candle to create protection all around you and ward off any negative energy in your home. Scented with honeyed fig and earthy vetiver. 

    Materials: Wax type: Natural Soy Wax

    Essenital oil Scent: Honeyed Fig and Vetiver

    Handmade in the UK

    Height: 9 centimetres
    Width: 8 centimetres
    Volume: 300 millilitres

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